Postponed until spring 2022. Please phone us on 0208 566 7539 or email us if you are interested in the following events.

For those who choose to travel with us, INSCAPE represents the most wonderful opportunity to see and truly experience the world. Our tours are led by people for whom travel, history, art and education are tantamount. Plus our visits are usually private, we stay only in the hotels that carefully combine comfort with style and authenticity, and our congenial groups rarely number as many as 20.

Our programme varies from year to year, as anniversaries and opportunities present themselves. Our travel plans are list on the drop down menu.

…and we also invite you to meander through our past adventures


2 Responses to INSCAPE TRAVEL

  1. Leigh Walton says:

    Have you an Itinerary for Sicily yet? Are you going to Palermo and the western side this time?

  2. Hello, Leigh
    Yes, our itinerary is completed. Please email us at if you would like to have the hard copy. We will be concentrating our explorations within the southeast triangle formed by Catania, Agrigento, and Syracuse with minimal time in transit and maximum time on the ground. Our hotel set in a vineyard will be amazing! Best wishes, Louise Friend, Director of Programmes and Design

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