In the first segment of the Inscape course, The Spirit of London Part I, we covered close to 2000 years beginning with the Roman occupation in 43 AD and ending with the grand heights of the imperial Victorian City. However, such is the vibrancy and complexity of the modern story of this pullulating city that we devote Part ll just to the past 120 years or so. Throughout its long narraritive London exists as a living, breathing behemoth, simultaneously alarming, exciting, threatening, and comforting: truly a city for all seasons, more than deserving of our endless exploration and celebration!

This is the London whose distinct spirit was marked by market traders shouting in the streets, smartly-dressed ladies milling about the fragrant aisles of opulent department stores, impeccably-dressed visitors taking tea in Palm Courts, raucous beer drinkers laughing in mirrored bars, excited crowds packing hot theatres, brightly-lit shops lighting up winter evenings, umbrella-carrying commuters rushing through smoke to trains, grandiose architecture saluting London as the Hub of Empire and self-conscious village-style suburbs offering verdant relief from the hustle and the bustle. It is the London of Elgar’s Cockayne and the Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset, of Knightsbridge and of Carnaby Street, of West End Theatres and East End Music Halls.

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