INSCAPE Hallowe’en at Southside House, Wimbledon

What better way to spend Hallowe’en than a private tour of the magnificent and eccentric home of generations of the Pennington Mellor Munthe families?

Our guide for the evening, Pat Donald, leading us through the darker parts of the house by torchlight.

Our group, led by  Southside guide Pat Donald, sometimes by torchlight, were given a remarkable opportunity to wander the dining halls and music rooms, the staircases and bedrooms, and take in these marvellous interiors.

We gained insight into hundreds of years of lives lived in this building through the innumerable possessions and paraphernalia dotted throughout the house and in each room, left, it seemed, as if their owner was soon to return: birthday invitations, vinyl records, lamps, letters, photographs, trinkets.

Our tour ended with a light supper, but sadly we weren’t permitted to feast at the grand dining table of the Pennington Mellor Munthes!

The INSCAPE party and tour Drinks and Canapes with the Pennington Mellor Munthes,  Southside House, Wimbledon, took place on Wednesday 31 October 2012. For details regarding future study days, course and tours, please phone the office on 0208 566 7539 or email

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1 Response to INSCAPE Hallowe’en at Southside House, Wimbledon

  1. Val Leach says:

    This was such an interesting and informative evening when one could imagine living in such a “House” – it culminated in a delicious supper being provided by the “Family” in The Garden Room.

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